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Congress of Starlings- Aerin Tedesco & Andrea Bunch: Home

Hey, folks! This is still the official site for Congress of Starlings! We still do folk/rock/harmony originals that will rock your world!

Our other band, called Little Queens, is a tribute to the band Heart. Check out the brand new site at!

Sunday, June 12th, 2016


Cover to Cover - 7pm

3300 N Lincoln
Chicago Illinois
Price: Free!

In this concert series, three Chicago songwriters present original songs and cover each other's. Enjoy a showcase of craft and artistry as the unique styles of top-notch musicians are displayed, reinterpreted, and fused together.


How does it work? Everyone plays a few songs of their own in the first set, so you can get to know their individual styles. Then after the break, each musician plays songs written by the other songwriters sharing the bill. They'll also play covers of favorite songs written by anybody out there. The night will be recorded and made into a podcast as well, so stay tuned for the download if you can't make it. Fascinating, beautiful, and fun!

Friday, June 24th, 2016

Cheetah Gym

Backlot Bash - 5pm

5248 N Clark St
Price: see website

We are psyched to be revamping our Indigo Girls tribute set for Backlot Bash! An amazing weekend of women's music and comedy! Check out the site for details!

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